Who we are?

Therminon is a leading company in developing and manufacturing systems and control units for underfloor heating and underfloor cooling. The goal of Therminon is to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction at all circumstances with high-quality products. Technical support through customer training and sourcing customer-specific solutions are issues which customers appreciate and regard as unique. By investing constantly in people and new techniques we may consider Therminon as leading and the innovators in underfloor heating and cooling.

Our history

Therminon is founded in 1984. In the year 1999, a company takeover took place by the current owner. After this, Therminon grew in a short period of time from a local supplier to a known and trusted name in the Dutch market. We have started by supplying installation companies but within a few years also national wholesalers found Therminon as their trustworthy supplier. In 2009 we have started with the production of our own composite underfloor heating manifolds. This unique range of products made a further growth of the company possible. This led to the construction of our new building. This modern but above all durable building with all its facilities forms a proper foundation for our company. Therminon is in every possible way ready for the future. We accept every challenge.